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all our heads in a row

I have been coming to the festival  for most of the 25 years I have lived in Seattle.  The friend who spearheads our group reserves an entire dorm in the hostel, buys us group tickets, and spends the night sleeping in line so we can be right up front.  I will never forget… the first time I saw the run when the gates open.  Or the year that it was pouring during the evening concert and one of our group cut holes for our heads out of a giant tarp and we sat there, a row of heads sticking up out of a blue tarp, somewhat dry, anyway.  Tuvan Throat Singers, Utah Phillips, Ani DeFranco, Buffy St. Marie, a drumming workshop with all different styles of drums, somehow melding into credible rhythms,  incredible groups I never heard of before, Iris Dement, white figures moving through the crowd at the evening concert, sign-language interpreters moving like birds, etc., etc. More memories than I can write here…

~ Terri Ann Pollock (Seattle, WA)

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